What American presidents of the twentieth century do you know? What are they famous for? Where are Americans laws made? Can you name any mighty A

1.What American presidents of the twentieth century do you know?What are they famous for? 2.Where are Americans laws made? 3.Can you name any mighty American rivers? What are they? Where do theyrise and flow? 4. Where are the Great Lakes situated? 5. Why do you think the US has almost every kind or weather? 6. Why is the Grand Canyon one of America's main tourist attractions?



  • 1.John Kennedy, Richard Nixon , George Bush are American presedents of the 20 centure. 2. They made in the USA. 3. Mississippi River are mighty river in America. The length of 3950 km. 4.,? 5. Because America has many kinds of land- rocky coasts, dry empty deserts, wide plains etc. 6. Because it is so big that you must go there yourself to feel its true size and beauty.