Твір на тему вашому другу по переписці з перекладом

твір на тему вашому другу по переписці з перекладом

  • My pen friend

    From Graeme’s letters I have known what kind of music do British young people listen, about popular holidays, how do they study and pass exam, what do they like and many other things.

    Graeme is fond of sport. He likes to play football and he goes to a swimming – pool. There is a hockey team n his school. Recently there school’s boy’s hockey team went to another school in Troon, not very far from Irvine. They played several games against hockey teams from schools in different parts of Ayrshire. Although they didn’t win the tournament they had a lot of fun and they gained experience, because although they practice regularly they do not often have games against other teams.

    We have exchanged not only letters but parcels too. Once he wrote about his project activity. Their class collects the material about myths just now and asked if there are some legends about mythical creatures in Russia. Of course, our country is rich enough in legends and fairy tales. We bought a book “Myths and legends of Black Sea coast” and sent it to Graeme. Unfortunately for him, this book is in Russian but his Music teacher knows Russian a bit, so he helps Grame with translation.

    Not long after I received a parcel from Scotland with souvenirs, gifts and books. There were two books by Roald Dahl “Boy” and “Going Solo”. I read and translate the first book with the greatest pleasure. Grame wrote that there is a huge library in his school with a very wide selection of fiction and non – fiction books.

    When the competition of the English compositions was announced, I decided to take part in it right away. I study English in the Centre of complementary education for children “Khosta” for two years. Also I learn much about culture, customs, traditions and holidays of Great Britain. There are a lot of foreign films, music, political information, opportunity of intercourse in Internet our days. It helps not only to learn English but to extend the sphere of creative potentialities.


  • In his first letter he told about himself and his family. He lives in Irvine, Scotland. He studies in form 5A St. Mark’s School. His favourite subject is English. Also he is fond of pop music and plays the guitar. His favourite food is Finish salami. He’s got the elder sister. Her name is Sarah. His mother’s name is Catherine and she’s a nurse at the hospital. His father’s name is William and he’s a social worker. From Graeme’s letters I have known a lot about the life of Scottish young people.

    Graeme’s elder sister studies at the University and learns Russian Economy. Last summer she worked on probation in Russia and visited us. I hope that soon we’ll meet with Graeme too. Friendship knows no bounds.

    His favourite British writer is Roald Dahl. He was born in 1916 not far from Cardiff, the capital of Wales. He had got six brothers and sisters. It’s a petty, but he already dead. The most popular books by Roald Dahl are “Matilda”, “Charlie and chocolate factory”, “Boy” and others. “Boy” is the collection of adventure stories which had really happened with the author in his childhood.

    Once I was at the excursion in the museum “The Tree of Friendship”. Besides different souvenirs and gifts from different countries, there were some letters from children. My mother chooses one of them and we wrote to Great Britain. After a while we received the answer from Graeme Docherty. This is a name of my new pen-friend.

    It’s very interesting to read letters from Graeme, especially as they are in English. I not only receive useful information, but still have a good practice. Also I can compare the children’s lifestyle in our country and abroad. For example, there are a lot of common things in education.  Bud they can attend the Centre of complementary education from 5 years old, where they study Grammar, Mathematics, English, draw and paint, dance and sing. In contrast to Great Britain we haven’t got a break for dinner. Also I like their school uniform. Every school has its emblem. It is worn on the Blazer above the pocket.

    I was pleased to know that we both read the same books. My favourite author is Tolkien with his “Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”. Graeme also has read these works and he liked very much.

    The favourite authors of British children are Judy Blume who writes comicalstories, Grid Blyton who writes adventure books and Carolyn Keen who writes mysteries. Other children’s authors who are popular just now are Jenny Nimmo, C.S Lewis, Colin Dann, Jan Needle, Catherine Sefton and many others.