Составить и записать 14 предложений с словами

Составить и записать 14 предложений с словами:

    You shouldn't advertise the news.

    I like reading fiction

    This hobby occupies all of my free time.

    Tolstoy often used periods in his novels.

    Usual term of transportation of letters is 3 weeks in Russia

    He maintains Islam must adapt to modern society

  • His canteen contained a small tea-service and many other useful things.

    Trumpeter Marcus Belgrave ran a jazz workshop for young artists.

    I always was an ace pupil in my last school and in me current one I'm at the top of the group too

    I was ill for a week, that's why I didn't attend lectures


  • He ran the mile in under four minutes.

    I want to work after finishing school, but my mother wants me to take further education