Сочинение на тему «проблемы подростков»

сочинение на тему "проблемы подростков"

    Проблем у подростков достаточно.Школа,экзамены,уроки.Им очень трудно за один день сделать много заданий,подготовится к  экзамену хорошенько.Бывают проблемы и посерьёзней ...Например:у них кроме этих проблем есть дополнительные занятия.И как они всё это умпевают?Непонятно!

  • Problems in adolescents dostatochno.Shkola, exams, uroki.Im very difficult for one day to do a lot of tasks to prepare for the exam horoshenko.Byvayut problems and more serious ... for example: they have but these problems have further zanyatiya.I they all umpevayut ? It is not clear!



  • I think it is good to be a teenager. You are young, you are full of energy. Your life only begins. You’ve got no worries. You don't need to worry about money, food, clothes because you've got your parents. You’re just at school; all you do is studying well, doing homework and hanging out with your mates.  But   teenagers have a lot of problems. It is hard time.  Critical physical changes are taking place. These result in impulsiveness, excessive risk-taking, and uncontrollable mood. They are depending on their parents. They can't do everything they like. The worst thing is not having freedom because you're stuck at home and you can't really go places. It is a time when you try everything for the first time – your first love, first drink, first cigarette,  It is very important not to make a mistake because this mistake can ruin your life. So I think every teenager should listen to their parents. They are wise and know our life.