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    5)No,he didn't.He(my father) didn't cook a cake yesterday.
    Yes,he did.He (My father) cooked a tasty cake for my mother yesterday
    6)No,he didn't.He(My brother) didn't give me a kitten yesterday
    Yes,he did,He(My brother) gave me a white kitten yesterday


    1)Could you swim when you were five?

    2)Did your younger brother teach you to swim?
    3)When did you come home yesterday?
    4)Did your mother give you some money yesterday?
    5)Did you speak English yesterday?

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    Yesterday i got up at 7 o'clock.
    I came to school by bus
    My first lesson was ChemistryLiterature
    I had lunch at one pm
    I came back home at 2 pm
    Yes,I did.I did my homework
    Yes, i did.I watched TV in the evening
    I went to bed at ten pm
       Yesterday i went to the cinema with my friends and in the evening i watched TV. (в задании написано -надо написать ,что ты делал вчера-надеюсь пойдет)
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    2)No,they didn't.They(my grandparents) didn't dance yesterday
     Yes,they did.They (my grandparents) danced with their friends yesterday
    3)No,i didn't.I didn't make a kite yesterday
    Yes,i did.I did a kite with my dad yesterday
    4)No,she didn't.She(my mother) didn't paint the ceiling yesterday
    Yes,she did,She(my mother) painted the ceiling in my room yesterday