Решить задание. домашнее задание во влажениях

помогите решить задание.. домашнее задание во влажениях.

    1. Was I born in a big American family? - I wasn't born in a big American family.

  • 1. Information rules the world.

    10. Did my little sister have a kitten? - My little sister didn't have a kitten. 

  • 5. Nobody knows where he lives.

    8. It often rains in London.

    5. Did we do all the work on time? - We didn't do all the work on time.

    10. When do you usually go to vacation?

    7. Has anybody something to eat?

    8. Did it start raining? - It didn't start raining.

    9. Did our group like the new teacher? - Our group didn't like the new teacher/

    9. Mr. Colbie owns this company.

    6. Did the scouts hear something strange? - The scouts didn't hear anything strange. 

    2. Were the students busy preparing for the exams? - Students weren't busy preparing for the exams. 

    3. I like reading english magazines, and my brother likes solving crossword puzzles. 

    3. Was i shy in my childhood? - I wasn't shy in my childhood.

    4. Plants grow well in the warm climate.

    7. Did my father read all the detective stories from the public library? - My father didn't read all the detective stories from the public library. 

    4. Did mrs. Sweet teach Geography at school? - Mrs. Sweet didn't teach Geography at school.

    6. This professor speaks five languages.


    2. Every evening he goes fo a walk to the park.