Решить 4 и 5 номерв 5 номере с конструкцицией there is/are составить, на завтра

помогите решить 4 и 5 номер(в 5 номере с конструкцицией there is/are составить)
срочно, на завтра надо

  • IV
    1) Isn't there anybody in the room?
    2) Has he any good pictures in the house?
    3) Is there anything in the box?
    4)Is there any milk in the jug?
    5) Is anybody absent today?
    6) Was anything different in the room?

    1)There are a lot of monuments in this town.
    2) There is only one museum in our town, but there are many interesting exhibits in it.
    3) There is only one window in my room, that's why it is pretty dark.
    4) There are a lot of old trees in this park.
    5) It was late and there were few people in the street.
    6) There was nobosy in the room.
    7) There was no brother in the room.
    8) Is there any difference between them? - I'm afraid, there is not any.
    9) There was little milk in the bottle.
    10) There were several mistakes in dictation.