Реально! XII. Fill in the missing words:A. Something has gone . with the cassette-recorder. Can you put it.? She is not up yet-

Реально срочно плиз!!

XII. Fill in the missing words:
A. 1. Something has gone ... with the cassette-recorder. Can you put it...? 2. She is not up yet; she is still.... 3.
The classes are over. I am ... to go home. 4. I am ready to have a hot ..., ... my teeth and go to bed. 5. If you want to have a ..., let's go for a walk. 6. I have ... my hands and now I am going to ... them on the towel. 7.
Before putting on my clothes and shoes I always ... them. 8. While the mother serves breakfast Susan and Peter
... the flat and ... the beds. 9.I am going to present my brother with a sweater which I have ... myself. 10. In the
evening we usually have some music or ... to the radio or ... the TV programme. Sometimes we ... to see our
friends or our friends ... to see us. Once a week we go to the cinema or to the theatre. 11 . Do you usually sit up
late or do you ... to bed early? 12. Peter is a good sleeper, he......late and often has no time for breakfast. 13. If
the water feels cold on winter mornings you must rub yourself with the ... . 14. There is a ... this evening at the
club. 15. Something has gone wrong with the .... Will you have a ... at it? 16. Please, turn on (off) the ...! 17.
Have you cleaned the ...? 18. I'm ... for time, will you help me?


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