Рассказ стиль хиппи по аглийски и с переводом

рассказ (стиль хиппи) по аглийски и с переводом

      So, the main theme of Hippy is popular nowadays again. 

  •   So, today i want to tell you about the most popular subculture in the 1960 till 1970 years.

    The main theme of living of these persons was "Peace not War". They had teir own style of muic, style of clothes. They were not scared about showing their minds. Subculturure was born in England and flowed to USA. "Flower Children" traveled from state to state and arranged triler-settlements. Hippy used drugs and they were not a part of high society. The most legendary person was John Lennon. Hippy finished their existence in 1973 year.