Подскажите анекдоты на английском языке

подскажите анекдоты на английском языке.

  • How much do these apples cost?

    how much do these oranges cost?

    P.S. чисто английский юмор

  • the money for the oranges.

    but i gave you the apples for the oranges.

    but you still have your apples.

    all right. here are your oranges.

    well, then, the money for the apples.

    can i exchange the apples for theoranges?the price is the same.

    here you are.

    thank you.

    one shilling, sir.

    money for what?

    one shilling, sir.

    sorry! the money!

  • ‘I’d like you 
    to be very quiet today, 
    boys and girls. 
    I’ve got a dreadful headache,
    said the teacher to her class. 
    ‘Excuse me,’ said Bruce, 
    ‘why don’t you do 
    what mum does 
    when she has a headache?’ 
    ‘What’s that ?’ 
    ‘She sends us out to play.’ 

  • give me a pound, please.