Переделайте в пасивный залог! The gardener has planted some trees. Doctor Brown will give you some advice. A famous designer will redecorate

переделайте в пасивный залог!!!! 1.The gardener has planted some trees. 2.Doctor Brown will give you some advice. 3.A famous designer will redecorate the hotel. 4.Steven Spielberg directed "E.T." 5.Someone has broken the vase. 6.You must clean the room. 7. Fleming discovered penicillin. 8. You can improve your health with more exercises. 9.The postman delivers letters. 10.He is writing a book.

  • 1.The some trees had been planted by gardener. 2. The some advice will be given to you by Doctor Brown. 3. The hotel will be redecorated by famous designer. 4. A "E.T." was derected by Steven Spielberg. 5. The vase has been broken by someone. 6.The room must is cleaned by you.7. A penicillin was discovered by fleming.8. Your health can is improved with more exercises by you.9.The letters is delivered by postman.10.A book is being written by he.