Описание любого стиля музыки на английском языке

описание любого стиля музыки на английском языке

  • Country, or, in the popular music, Country - is the music of the American heartland. Traces Country traced in the first wave of British settlers, who in turn borrowed the foundation of the music of the Celts. String instruments, necessarily violin-Fiddle and recitative on the beauties of his native land, personal courage and unrequited love - that was set by the tools and classic Country-music. This musical tradition has survived in the closed rural communities, but once on American soil, a distinctively dance "accent." By the early twentieth century "rock music" - so called first Country in America - divided: some artists relied on a small string orchestra (later this direction took shape as bluegrass), while others have opted for a dedicated vocal, which played a significant role gospelz elements. However, as technology began to record in the Country clearly present topics specific to popular music. By Thirty American Center Country moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he began a weekly broadcast program on Country-music. Since then, it seems, should be to count endless battle for "truth" style, which launched traditionalists and advocates of a more modern interpretations. In the late thirties Ekaff Roy and his supporters began to manifest Country, similar in sound to the stage: in the orchestra size big band soloist singer, but he sang Country. Representatives of the other branch settled in Texas - they included works Country elements of blues, jazz and even polka. Such performers were called "Swing Countrymenami." In the forties and fifties in the Country was allowed improvisation, and this became known as Country Country-and-western. But, despite the influence of blues and jazz, in a very long time Country were banned drums. Now considered a classic Country called hunks-tonk - in the fifties and sixties model created this branch Country Hank Williams, George Jones, Loretta Lynn and Merle Heggerd, though I must say that at that time was regarded as a hybrid of a similar deadly for Country. In the sixties, when artists such as rockabilly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash returned to their Country-roots, young rock band led by Bob Dylan discovered the music and brought her room, where before only one traditional sounding rock. At that time, hard not to notice the criticism of the new Country-musicians such as Chris Christopherson, and equally despised by veteran Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings began to form alliances with rock performers, thus forging a new, longer neshvillovsky sound. Later Country, which played rock musicians, and modern-Country, which played Country-musicians, in fact, merged and became indistinguishable. However, despite the numerous borrowings from rock and jazz, despite the rapid development of new technologies recording mainstream Country-music is still there, although many call it difficult.