Нужно распределить. was foundhas been organizedwere takenwill be helpedwas discovered1have been interviewedwere injuredhave been givenwere delayedwas o

Нужно распределить.

was found

has been organized

were taken

will be helped

was discovered(1)

have been interviewed

were injured

have been given

were delayed

was operated on

was given(x2)

was derailed

1.Million dollar reward A winning lottery ticket worth S7 million (I) was discovered in a wallet in the street last week in Montreal, Canada. It (2) by unemployed builder William Murphy, who returned the ticket and the wallet to their owner, Jean-Paul Dupont, Yesterday Mr Murphy (3) $1.2 million as a reward for his honesty.


2. Heart man alive and kicking Taxi-driver Phil Young is celebrating a very special anniversary today. Ii is exactly one year since he (4) at St. Bartholomew s I Hospital and (5) a new heart. Mr Young, 47, is now training to play in a charity football match which (6) by the hospital to raise money for the transplant programme. So far ! I people (7) new hearts hearts doctors at the hospital. I hope more people (8) as I was,’ said Mr Young. ‘And I hope I can score the v*. inning goal in the match'’


3. The London - Edinburgh express (9) yesterday morning as it was passing through York station. Ten people (10) and tour people (11) to hospital, but no one was seriously hurt .Trains (12) for rest of the day. Several eye witnesses (13) , but it is not yet clear how the crash happened.

    5. was given

  • 1. was discovered

    12. were delayed

    8. will be helped

    10. were injured

    13. have been interviewed

  • 7. have been given

    4. was operated on

    11. were taken

    6. has been organized

    2. was found

    3. was given

    9. was derailed