Нужно придумать предложение со словами кинотеатр, театральная касса, критик, громко играет, сценарий, музыкальный концерт, мюзикл, театр, трогательный, мелодия

Нужно придумать предложение со словами кинотеатр,театральная касса,критик,громко играет,сценарий,музыкальный концерт,мюзикл,театр,трогательный,мелодия,сцена на английском,срочно!!!

  • 1 I was at the cinema last week and saw the premier of the film ".........."
    2 I was near the theatrical cash desk when someone pushed me .
    3 the critic wasn't satisfied with the food he ate at the restaurant
    5 the actors liked the script of the new film.
    6 I was on the musical concert of my favourite group
    8 my parents and me are going to go the theatre tomorrow
    9 it was the most touching moment i've ever seem
    10 I can't remember the melody of the song.

    11 I was so nervous staying on the stage