! Нужно ответить на вопросы. What makes shopping centres convenient and attractive for customers ? Have you ever been to a bi

Помогите пожалуйста!! Нужно ответить на вопросы.

1. What makes shopping centres convenient and attractive for customers ?


2. Have you ever been to a big shopping centre ? Did you enjoy shopping there? Why (not?)?


3. If you went to a big shopping centre, where would you spend most of your time? Would you spend more time on shopping or on entertainment ?


4. Which of these do you enjoy buying: clothes, food, stationery, books or household goods ? Can you explain why ?


5. What's the difference between buying things on credit and paying for them immediately?


6. Why do a lot of people prefer to pay by cheque or by cart ? What are their advantages ?


7. What questions do you usually ask a shop assistants? Are shop assistants in your local shops helpful ? What makes an ideal shop assistant ? And what makes an ideal customer?

    2)Yes, I have been in a big shopping centre and it was ok. The good point is that in malls you have a lots of choices to select your product like branded shirts, jeans and other confectionary, cosmetics items which are not easily available in normal markets. However, if you go there, you will spend a lot of time and money.Also most of the time it is extremely hot in the shopping malls.

  • 1.There are many advantages of shopping centres. Firstly, they are very convenient due to their layout. Every shop is positioned with the user in mind, so that there is as little distance as possible to travel between each store. Secondly, there are a wide variety of products then at small shops.

    6)I prefer to pay with credit card because sometimes when you buy something from 1% to 5% can be returned back to you. Your purse is not heavy because of coins. Paying with a credit card makes it easier to avoid losses from fraud. The advantages of paying with cheque is that if you mail a check and someone opens your mail and tries to cash it that wasn't supposed to, the bank will have that person on their cameras. If you mail cash, the person can open your mail and pocket the cash immediately.

    2. Yes. I have been at the big shopping centre. I enjoyed shopping there because  they offered a large selection of products and clothes. 

    5. There are advantages of both methods. When you buy things paying for them immediately it's profitable due to the sale which you will get if you will pay at once. To the contrast, the best part about using the card is that each quarter, they offer a few spending categories where you can get 5% cash back.  But you have to be careful, as forgetting to pay off your balance a time or two can quickly lead to your balance growing to an amount higher than you can afford to pay.

    7. I usually ask a shop assistant about where this cloth was made and how much it costs. Shop assistants in local shops are always ready to help. Most of them are the same age with me, so I got on with them. I believe, ideal shop assistant knows what you want to buy. He should predict your wishes. In my opinion, ideal customer shouldn't be rude first of all.



    4)I like buying food the most. Because if you are buying for example clothes and something you want badly doesn't suit you or you can't fit in the jeans, you get very annoyed and kind of upset. These are negative emotions. That dooesn't happen when you buy food. When you come to the food shop you smell the fresh bread, different vegetables and many other delicious things.

    In conclution, shopping centres are convenient, time saving, and exciting places to shop. 



    6. A lot of people prefer to pay by cheque. Because it is possible to transfer money to someone else just by knowing their name. Also large sums can be  transferred easily! Another advantage of cheques is that they could be cancelled after they had been handed over but before the actual payment had been made.

    4. I enjoy buying clothes. Because it is very interesting and funny. I always go shopping with my friends. So it makes shopping easier and funnier.

  • 1)In my opinion, sales in the shopping centres are very attractive because we all want to economy our money. Also the  huge role play the amount and the quality of shops, which can you find there. In other, words in the shopping mall you need to find everyhitng you need: from clothes to fresh meat and vegetables. Many maps should be places in the shopping centres to make the navigation for people  easier and more convenient.

    7)Normally, in the shops I ask them if they have clothes I need. Like I come to the shop and ask if they have my size of jeans, a top or somethings. If I come to the shopping mall to buy some food, I ask them where I can find exactly what I need. Yes, they are pretty helpful because they always know where exactly the things are. The ideal shop assistant should be friendly and polite. The ideal shop assistant should know exactly what they want and also they should be polite.

  • 3.If I went to a big shopping centre, I would spend most of my time on shopping. 

    5)Buying on credit is a program that allows customers to buy now and pay later. So, you every month send the money until you don't pay the whole sum of money. When you pay immediately, you pay the total price immediately and the object you wanted to buy is yours.

    3)I suggest that I would spend more time on shopping because if you are trying to buy a new cloth, you need to try all the variants in all your favourite shops. As a result, you will spend plenty of time doing that.