Нужна помощь.1Закончи предложения.****************************************************************************big small flyng shorf

Нужна помощь.

1)Закончи предложения.


big       small          flyng     shorf      riding a mounfain    bike    long     sunbafhinglovely      having     snowball     fighfs      diving      red     blue      green     yellow     brown     black      orange      pink       jeans   a sweafer       frousers a    dressbananas  


Look  af  the alien!

He,s  dot -----------------------eyes.

   He,s  dot    a   _______________  mouth.

   He,s  dot ____________________  ears

and a _________________ nose.

  He,s  dot  _________________ hair.

He,s wearing________________________.

He likes _______________________. 



     He's wearing trousers

    He's wearing  a green sweater and   jeans. 

    He's  got  big eyes.

    He's  got    brown hair.

    He's  got  big blue  eyes.

      He,s  got   black hair.


    He's  got   small    ears and a long  nose.

  • Look  at  the alien!

     He likes bananas 

  •    He's  got   a  red    mouth.

       He's  got long  ears and a small nose.

  • Look  at  the alien!

    He likes  diving, riding  a  bike  and bananas. :) 

    He's  got    a   small   mouth.