Несколько предложений про Бразилию или Японию

помогите надо несколько предложений про Бразилию или Японию

  • The mix of races makes Brazil a country with a culture that is both rich and unique. The miscegenation started between Indians, Africans and Portuguese, but soon after other people came from around the world. The result was a happy people, open to everything new, that you can only find in Brazil. As you may have already seen, Brazil is an amazing country! Come celebrate life here!

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    The people of Japan call their country "Nippon", which means "the land of the rising sun". You can see the rising sun in the middle of their flag.

    Japan's People
    Most Japanese people today wear western style clothes. But during holidays, festivals, and at other special times, they may wear traditional robes called kimonos. The patterns on kimonos change with the seasons to reflect the seasonal changes in nature.
    The Japanese have strong family ties and deep respect for authority. In Japan, it is polite to greet one another by bowing.

    Japanese students study calligraphy to learn the art of handwriting. Children go to school in Japan Monday through Friday, plus a half day on Saturday. They only have one month off from school, during the school year, from the middle of July to the middle of August. Because school is so difficult and competitive in Japan, many children go to juku, which is a school held in the evening that helps students keep up with their regular school work.

    Japan's Homes
    Japan is a very crowded country. Almost 75% of the population live in cities and towns. People live in homes and apartments. Most homes are made of wood and are decorated very simply.

    The Geisha were once an important part of Japanese social life. Now in modern Japan, there are few geishas that practice this ancient art. The geisha was trained in the traditional Japanese arts of music, poetry, calligraphy and tea ceremony. They were expert hostesses that entertained with their beauty and charm.