Написать письмо другу, рассказ о зоопарке с описанием любимого животного. текст небольшой

Помогите пожалуйста написать письмо другу,рассказ о зоопарке с описанием любимого животного. текст небольшой.

  • Если письмо другу есть тоя напишу другое .The zoo has a lot of amazing animals. Impossible to describe them all, so I'll talk about nekotyrye. When I was at the zoo I saw amazing fish. What they have not been. Red with colorful stripes, blue and bright patterns, and simple yellow fish. I also liked the one bird. Hawk was a very proud and did not even look at people. Maybe he was looking for a meal. Monkeys were very funny. Running from one place to another. Zebras were very calm. And when the people came closer to them, they do not run away and hide. Giraffes eat. And also not afraid of people. I would like to go there many many times.

  • Dear Ali ,
    I would like to tell about my walk to the zoo. The zoo was very interesting. My favorite animal is zebra because he look very funny. He is striped. His name is Armada. I like my walk to the zoo.
    See you later,