Написать краткий пересказ к этому тексту на английском! предложений 8-10! нужно!

Написать краткий пересказ к этому тексту на английском!!!предложений 8-10!!!Срочно нужно!!!)



    Who borned in the Britain is Britains, in the Wales is Walesh, in the Scotland is Scotish and in the Ireland is Irish. But they are Briteins.

     The population of Grate Britain is 56 milijns peoples. Mostly they live in the big citis as the London,Manchester, Livepool. There many laces, rivers, mountines and flats.

    The nationel flag is Union Jake made up  of tree crosses: the cross of St. George, St. Andrew and St.Patrick.

     The language is English, bat eath country has oun language.All people speak Englesh but sometimes they must to listen whot they said. Adn sometimes they don't understand what they heared. 





  • The two Isles lie in the northwest of Europe. Two large islands,Grate Britain and Ireland, and many somaller ones from the group of the British Islands. The United Kingdom of Grate Britain and Nothen Ireland consist of four parts: England, Scotland ,Wales and Northen Ireland. There capitales are London, Edinbere,Caddif and Balfest. 





     Britain is seperated from continent by the North Sea and the English Channel. The niarest plase is Pa-de-Cale.