Написать 15 предложений о своих отношениях в семье

Помогите написать 15 предложений о своих отношениях в семье

  • Our family is the basis in the life. No one can live successfully without help of our relatives. That's why it's important to be attentive, patient, caring to your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. Your mum always helps you, if you need her help. Your father gives you a piece of advice. Grandma cooks tasty patties for you.Grandpa helps to repair your bike. Your sister or brother will be with you in difficult situations, where there can be no place for mum and dad. It's very important to support each other. There can be no place for quarrels, just quietness and common understanding.If you didn't see your parents for weeks, call them. A good son or daughter always tries to help the parents - in the kitchen, in the garden. If you mum tells you to clean you room, wash the dishes or water the flowers - help her. Try to understand everyone in your family, listen and help in problems, because it's very important for being a family.