Моя любимая теле программа сочинение на английском языкеупс забыла написать только вспомнила

Моя любимая теле программа сочинение на английском языке))упс забыла написать только вспомнила))

  • Many people watch TV at your leisure. Everyone can choose a program that he loves most. Those who like music, can listen to concerts. Sports fans can watch football or hockey games. TV expands our knowledge about the world in which we live. Millions of people can see the different countries, and new plants, unusual animals and birds, mountains and valleys.
    I like the program "Galileo" this program was named in honor of the great scientist Galileo Galilei, who liked to experiment and explain the strange phenomenon.
    I would like to meet with Alexander Fur because it interesting and diverse people. He could tell me a lot of new and unusual.
    In the last episode of I liked the story of the filigree. This ancient art of weaving from silver wire of various drawings and crafts. To make one figure takes many months. Master, who is engaged in this profession must have patience, perseverance and a good eye.
    If I had not watched this show, I would never have known that such a filigree and that there are craftsmen who make the extraordinary beauty of things.
    Transfer of "Galileo" ends with the words, which I also really like "The world more interesting than you think." That is why I would like to have all my friends watched it and to know our amazing world in which we live.