Краткая биография Маяковского на английском языке не в переводчике

Краткая биография Маяковского на английском языке ( не в переводчике)


  • The Russian Soviet poet. Was born in Georgia, in the village of Baghdadi, in the family of a Forester.

    From 1902 he studied at the school in Kutaisi, then in Moscow, where after the death of his father he moved together with his family.

    In 1908 he left school, trace of underground revolutionary work.

    At fifteen years of age he joined the RSDLP(b), carried out awareness-raising tasks. Three times was arrested, in 1909, was sitting in the Butyrka prison in solitary confinement. There and began to write poetry.

    From 1911 he studied in Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. Adhering to кубофутуристам, in 1912, he published the first poem - «the Night» - in a futuristic collection of «Slap in the face of public taste».

    The theme of the tragedy of human existence under capitalism penetrates the biggest things Mayakovsky предреволюционных years - the poem «a Cloud in trousers», «the Flute spine», «War and peace». Already then Mayakovsky sought to build the poetry of «the squares and streets», addressed to the broad masses. He believed in the closeness of the coming revolution.

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