Исправить ошибкидумаю, они у меня имеются в предложениях! задание смотрите во вложениях — мои ответы внизуMark suggested that they visiting

Помогите исправить ошибки(думаю,они у меня имеются) в предложениях!  задание смотрите во вложениях; мои ответы внизу

1.Mark suggested  that they visiting the Science Museum.

2.Emma warned Paul that  not to believe any gossip about Max.

3.She denied saying anything to those reporters.

4.My friend  insisted me that I must inform the police about my problem.

5.Liam reminded John to buy today`s paper.

6.He complained   that tabloid journalists keep calling his house.

    2. Emma warned Paul do not believe.....

  • 1. Mark suggested they visiting......

  • 3.She denied say anything to those reporters.