I. Read the postcard andback card city last million staying together way a choose the most suitable word giv

I. Read the postcard and

back        card        city       last       million       staying       together     way


a) choose the most suitable word given for each blank.



                                                                                         Dave Smith

                                                                                      10 Wall Road




Dear Dave.

Well, this is my first time in New Zealand, but I sure hope it won’t be the (1)___ .

Laura and I are (2)____at Waitemata Harbour, which is relatively busy – though Auckland

only has just over one (3)____ people. But the beach is one way and the farms are the other

(4)____ and both are glorious and there’s nobody there! And as the picture on this (5)___

shows, for someone who likes sailing, like you do, this  (6)____ is paradise. They call it “the city of sails”. Maybe one day you and I will visit Auckland (7)____ and you can take me sailing. I’d like that…

Speak to you when I get (8)____ .

                                                       Love, Helen.

    7 - together

    8 - back

    3 - million

    2 - staying

  • 1 - last

    5 - card

    6 - city

    4 - way