Добрый день. Шесть предложений о любимом времени годалето

добрый день. Шесть предложений о любимом времени года
(лето). Спасибо

  • I like summer.В this time of year the sun was hot on my ground hottest month is July.You can walk to the beach, sunbathe,swim in the sea.Cool hanging out with friends,walk in guests,because summer is three months without learning, it's a 3 month vacation.You can walk without a jacket and cap,because more pleasant when the heat on the street!

  • Summer The summer months are June, July and August. Summer is the hottest season of the year. The days are the  longest in summer. Many people  enjoy summer. They have holiday. There is a lot of fruit and vegetables at that time. In summer many people leave town and spend the hottest time in the country or at the seaside.