Добрые люди все это сделать, мне завтра сдавать уже нужно

добрые люди помогите пожалуйста все это сделать, мне завтра сдавать уже нужно((

    Sue: Shall I buy some cheese?

    Sue: I won't buy any then. I shall bring some fruit instead.

    7. a

    3. won't let

    5. 'll catch

    1. close

    2. b

    2. 'll be

    Larry: I think it will be sunny tomorrow so I shall probably wear my shorts. I won't take a pullover.

    3. d



    Larry: OK. And I shall bring some lemonade.

  • 1


    8. b

    1. c

    Larry: Will we go for a picnic tomorrow?

    4. e

    Sue: Well, I think I shall take mine. It is still cold in the mornings.

  • 4. won't pass

    Sue: Yes. That's a good idea. I shall make some sandwiches.

    6. c


    Larry: I don't really like cheese.

    5. a

    6. 'll take