8. Напишите предложения в Future Simple. I see them next Saturday. They to be here tomorrow. We to have the test in a week. She to spend hol

8. Напишите предложения в Future Simple. 1. I (see) them next Saturday.2. They (to be) here tomorrow.3. We (to have) the test in a week. 4. She (to spend) holidays in the country.5. The journey (to take) three hours.6. I (to open) the door for you.7. I (to go) to school tomorrow. 8. They (to come) back next week?9. We (to leave) Kyiv this evening?10. You (to wait) for me?11. Nick (to finish) school next year?12. She (to agree) with you?13. I (not to swim) tomorrow.14. He (not to play) in the garden.15. The weather (not to be) fine on Sunday.16. We (not to be) busy in the evening.17. Sheila (not to get) passport next year.18. Why your father (to help) you?19. When she (to study) English?20. How we (to get) there?21. How long the journey (to take)?22. How many people (to arrive) today?23. When you (to go) to the cinema?

    8. Will they come  back next week?

    3. We will have the test in a week.

    19. When will she  study English?

    15. The weather won't be fine on Sunday.

    20. How shall (will) we get there?

    19. When will she  study English?

    10. Will you wait for me?

    18. Why will your father help you?

    3. We shall (will) have the test in a week.(или: are having - если Вы знали о тесте заранее)

    12. Will she agree with you?

    22. How many people will arrive today?

    23. When will you go to the cinema?

    9. Shall (will) we leave Kyiv this evening?

    16. We won't be busy in the evening.

    7. I shall (will) go  to school tomorrow.

    5. The journey will take three hours.

    11. Will Nick finish school next year?

    21. How long will the journey take?

  • 1. I will see them next Saturday.

    13. I shall (won't)  swim tomorrow.

    14. He won't play in the garden.

    4. She will spend holidays in the country.

    22. How many people will arrive today?

    2. They will be here tomorrow.

    17. Sheila won't get passport next year.

    9. Will we leave Kyiv this evening?

    18. Why will your father help you?

    10. Will you wait for me?

    2. They will be here tomorrow.

    23. When will you go to the cinema?

  • 7. I will go  to school tomorrow.

    13. I won't  swim tomorrow.

    20. How will we get there?

    6. I shall (will) open  the door for you.

    16. We shan't (won't) be busy in the evening.

    12. Will she agree with you?

    4. She will spend holidays in the country.

    11. Will Nick finish school next year?

  • 1. I shall (will) see them next Saturday.

    6. I will open  the door for you.

    17. Sheila won't get passport next year.

    8. Will they come  back next week?

    21. How long will the journey take?

    15. The weather won't be fine on Sunday.

    5. The journey will take three hours.

    14. He won't play in the garden.