10 правил как вести себя в школе на англ. языке ! Зарание

10 правил как вести себя в школе на англ.языке(очень надо) Прошу помогите!Зарание СПАСИБО)

  • First you must listening teacher.Secound you should go on the lessons then when you eat you must clean hands don't say bad words and make you're homework don't play on the lessons.Take the book,workbook pencil and rubber. Don't fight and don't smoke.this is very bad.Say answers on the lesson.Это всё спасибо.

  • Pupils must be on time for the lessons.Pupils must have all necessary books and materials when coming to class.Pupils are not allowed to eat or drink in class.
    Class finishes only when the teacher dismisses the class.Pupils should wear uniform. All homework assignments must be completed by each pupil in accordance with the direction of the teacher.The pupil has the right to be treated with respect,  be given the best possible chances of progression in his/her school life.